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What to Do if Your Car Becomes Submerged in Water

3 weeks ago
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Being trapped in a car submerged in water is a terrifying situation. Every second counts, and knowing how to react can make the difference between life and death.

While the chances of encountering such an event are relatively rare, being prepared can significantly improve your chances of survival. After the Baltimore bridge, Francis Scott Key Bridge, collapsed early on Tuesday morning, it's more imperative than ever to know how to get out of a submerged car.

The Baltimore Bridge Collapse

At 1:30am on Tuesday, a large cargo ship ran into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse, sending construction workers and cars into the 50 foot deep, 30 degree water.

While search and rescue efforts are still underway, five cars and two people have been pulled from the water. In such a tragedy, it's helpful to know the best tips if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Even if you don't find yourself in a tragic situation such as in Baltimore, your car can still become submerged if your brakes go out near a lake, or if the road becomes flooded from rain.



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