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What to Put on Your Astronomy Event Calendar for 2024

5 months ago
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It is going to be a big year in the night sky in 2024, featuring a number of big astronomy events. Here is a look at what you are not going to want to miss in the sky heading into the new year.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - March 25

A few days after the spring equinox, stargazers will be treated to the first eclipse of the year. The penumbral lunar eclipse will happen just before the sun rises on Monday, March 25.

This eclipse will be visible throughout South America, North America, the western portions of Europe and Africa, Japan, New Zealand, and in some parts of Australia.

While this type of eclipse is not as noteworthy as a full eclipse due to the position of the moon over the Earth, it will serve as a warmup for the big eclipse set to happen two weeks later.



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