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Why Does it Snow in February More Than Any Other Month in Parts of the U.S.

5 months ago

Across the United States and Canada, the snowiest month is not always the heart of meteorological winter in January or February. Climatologist Brian Brettschneider compiled snowfall data showing the snowiest months around North America, revealing variation based on location and regional climate factors.

From February lake-effect snow warning to mountain snow accumulation, learn why this month brings the most snow.

Why Does it Snow in February More Than Any Other Month?

While December takes the lead in some areas, a swath spanning from the Midwest through the Northeast stands out with February bringing the deepest snow packs.

Timing influenced by factors like proximity to moisture sources plays a role, as does the lag between cooling land and water temperatures. Storm tracks favoring certain regions, as well as month-to-month variability in atmospheric patterns also shape the snowfall distribution.



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