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Winter Weather System Headed Into Wasatch and Rocky Mountains on Friday

8 months ago

You are going to want to brace yourself if you live in the Denver area or elsewhere in the Rocky Mountain region. The warm temperatures of Thursday are about to be replaced with a mass of cold air that will also support the development of wintry precipitation.

While this winter storm system will be relatively tame by normal standards for this part of the country, it may come as a shock to those that have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather over the last few days. Here is what you need to know about when and where the weather is about to take a turn.

Utah Will See First Flakes Fly Late Thursday

A portion of the atmospheric river that has been dumping heavy rain and snow across the Pacific Northwest is marching toward the east, setting the Rocky Mountain region in its sights. This part of the river in the sky broke off from the main weather maker and inched into the Rockies beginning late Thursday, causing a number of disruptions despite bringing much-needed snow to the area ski resorts.

The Wasatch Range in Utah saw the first of the snow on Thursday. While Salt Lake City will start off the day on a dry note, you can expect rain and snow showers during the evening hours to transition into all snow overnight as the temperatures drop to right about the freezing mark.



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