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10 Easy Plants to Grow for First Timers

Last year

Tired of not being able to grow your own plants? You may feel like you're just not meant to be a plant parent, but the fix may be as simple as choosing the right plants. Plants have a natural instinct to grow and propagate, so you may just need a little bit of guidance.

To help you get started on your gardening journey, here is a list of ten plants that are incredibly easy to propagate and grow.

Swiss Cheese Plant

One plant that deserves admiration is the Swiss Cheese Plant. Its heart-shaped leaves are adorned with fenestrations or gaps, resembling the holes in Swiss cheese. In the wild, it can reach heights of six to eight feet, but when grown indoors, it typically stays under a foot tall.

Propagating the Swiss Cheese Plant is a simple process. Cut one of the stems and root it either in water or a suitable growing medium. If using a growing medium, it's recommended to use rooting hormone. It takes about a week for the roots to develop. Once the roots are established, transfer the Monstera adansonii to a pot with peat-based potting soil and place it in a sunny spot.



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