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At Least 6 Missing in Water After Baltimore Bridge Collapses

3 weeks ago
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A devastating tragedy unfolded in Baltimore, Maryland when the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed today on Tuesday morning after being struck by a large cargo vessel, sending vehicles and people into the water below.

A massive search effort is underway for six construction workers who were on the Baltimore bridge at the time of the collapse.

Shortly after 1:30 am, the 984 foot cargo ship, identified as the Dali, slammed into one of the bridge's support columns. The impact caused the bridge to crumble within seconds, plunging vehicles and workers into the Patapsco River.

James Wallace, Baltimore City Fire Department Chief, confirmed two people were rescued in the initial hours - one unharmed and the other in critical condition.

Focus on Search and Rescue

Multiple local, state, and federal agencies are collaborating in a large-scale search operation encompassing the riverbed, the water's surface, and the damaged ship itself.

Search and rescue equipment such as Divers, helicopters, and sonar technology are being utilized to locate submerged vehicles and potential survivors. However, the search is further complicated by the river's current, making it crucial to determine its direction and speed to optimize search zones.

“There were individuals working on the bridge at the time. There are cars in the water – our fire department has confirmed that as they lead this search-and-rescue mission through sonar. That is where our focus is – it’s about those souls, those people we’re trying to find and get out of this water,” Baltimore Mayor, Brandon Scott told CNN.



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