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7 of the Worst Hurricanes in U.S. History

Last month
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Hurricanes have proven to be some of the most dangerous storms in history, largely because of their high winds and heavy rainfall. Since 1851, 306 North Atlantic hurricanes have reached land in the United States. While most hurricanes don’t result in casualties, some of these storms have resulted in widespread death and injury. As we get closer to hurricane season, take a look at seven of the deadliest hurricanes to ever reach land in American history.

Each year, hurricane season begins around the first of June and runs through the end of November. Based on historical data, the worst time for North Atlantic hurricanes is mid-August through the end of October, but atmospheric conditions throughout the summer are the perfect recipe for hurricanes.

Based on historical data, there are usually around 10 named storms every year in the Atlantic, and between five and six of them become hurricanes. Of those storms, two to three become major hurricanes, the term that refers to hurricanes that become Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Over the years, there have been plenty of deadly hurricanes, but some have set themselves apart from the rest because of the mass chaos that they caused. Death, injuries, and property damage are common when hurricanes reach land, as they bring high winds, torrential rains, and other adverse weather conditions.

Fortunately, advances in weather technology have made it easier for meteorologists to warn people about hurricanes before they reach land. Better satellite imaging, a deeper understanding of weather patterns, and improved radar technology have allowed the National Hurricane Center to issue long-range forecasts three days earlier than they were able to do in 1980. Also, the NHC’s ability to track hurricanes has improved, making it possible to issue warnings around 12 hours earlier than they could do in the past, allowing more people who are in the path of a coming hurricane to evacuate.



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