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Great White Shark News Break: Captivating Footage Reveals Newborn Shark Discovery

4 months ago
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Rare footage captured by a drone off the coast of Southern California may have revealed the first documented sighting of a newborn great white shark in the wild. This great white shark news has experts questioning if the shark is actually a newborn and what this could hold for future research.

Watch the video, and discover what this may mean for shark research and the public.

A Holy Grail Moment

On July 9th, 2023, wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna and Phillip Sternes, a UC Riverside doctoral student, were using a drone to shoot aerial video about a quarter mile off the coast of Carpinteria when they spotted an unusual 1.5-meter-long shark.

Its pale coloration and size immediately struck them as strange compared to the typical gray and white adult great whites. Upon examining the drone footage on the camera's viewfinder, Gauna and Sternes noticed the shark had a thin, white film covering its body that appeared to be sloughing off as the animal swam.

Sternes believes this shedding layer indicates the shark was a newborn that had only recently been birthed. If correct, this sighting marks the first time a baby great white has been observed shedding its embryonic skin in the wild and is huge great white shark news.



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