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Alberta Clipper Readying to Dump a Quick Burst of Snow in the Midwest and Beyond

4 months ago
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While it is not expected to drop a significant amount of accumulation, a fast-moving Alberta clipper storm is forecast to spread snow in the Midwest and into the Appalachians beginning Monday and continuing through Wednesday.

Here are the details of this emerging Midwest snow storm that is moving to the south from Canada to start the new work week.

Cooler Temperatures Will Signal Arrival of Alberta Clipper's Impacts

This impending Alberta clipper will bring accumulating snow to the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan, portions of the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, and down into the central Appalachians over the next few days. The Northeast snow storm will make its arrival as a southward dip in the jet stream brings in cooler temperatures circulating throughout the upper levels of the atmosphere.

The first sign of the change in the weather will be slightly cooler temperatures for cities such as Chicago. After seeing a high in the low 40s on Monday, the mercury will dip back into the upper 30s on Tuesday.

You will find a similar cooldown in Minneapolis with temperatures falling about 5 - 6 degrees from Monday's highs in the mid 40s as the storm plunges to the south.

Meanwhile, the central Plains will continue to see milder temperatures, particularly when compared to the cold that has gripped the region in recent weeks.

For instance, although Kansas City will drop about 10 degrees for a forecast high when comparing Tuesday to Monday, the readings will still remain in the upper 40s, nearly 10 degrees above the historical average for the end of January.



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