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Apple Scrapes Its Decade Long Quest to Build an Electric Car

2 months ago
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As electric vehicles are becoming more and more prominent in a world where the environment is at the forefront of many peoples' minds, companies are trying to get in on the action to not only help contribute to a better climate but break into this money-making space.

While you may think of Tesla as the world's leading electric car manufacturer, it could have had some competition with one of the leading tech companies, Apple.

Though Apple may be most known their gadgets, they had a secret plan of building their own electric car. This decade-long project was considered one of Apple's most earnest, but recently, Apple COO Jeff Williams and Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch announced this idea was being scraped.

Apple's Electric Car Project

According to research conducted by AlixPartners in 2022, it costs $8,255 to make one electric car, which is up 140% from March 2020 when it cost $3,381.

Apple's electric car endeavour, nicknamed Project Titan, is estimated to have cost the tech company billions of dollars. Not just from gathering the materials themselves but for the 2,000 employees assigned to the project.

An Apple car brand could have completely transcended the automotive world and had executives in the auto industry and Apple users anxiously awaiting updates. Unfortunately, Apple had still been years away from ever actually releasing a car to the public. The company also had a plan to build a steering wheel and pedal-free car, which was later found to not be possible yet.

If the Apple-branded car was to be released, it was anticipated to have cost somewhere around $100,000.

However, according to Bloomberg, Apple had been struggling with the self-driving technology at the same time the electric car industry was slowing down. But these are not the only rumored reasons as to why the project was shut down. It's rumored that there was also no consistent plan and leadership was constantly changing.



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