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Asia Chokes on World's Worst Air, Climate Crisis a Major Culprit

4 months ago

A new report by IQAir paints a grim picture of global air quality, revealing that 92.5% of locations analyzed exceeded World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for fine particulate matter (PM2.5).

While air pollution is a problem worldwide, Asia stands out with all but one of the world's 100 most polluted cities in 2023 located there. This alarming trend is heavily influenced by the climate crisis.

India Tops the Charts, Burdening Health

India dominates the rankings, with 83 cities exceeding WHO guidelines by more than 10 times. Begusarai, a city in northern India, holds the dubious distinction of being the world's most polluted city, with PM2.5 levels 23 times higher than WHO recommendations.

This toxic air is linked to a multitude of health problems, including asthma, heart and lung disease, cancer, and respiratory illnesses. The report estimates air pollution shortens lifespans by 3-6 years in the most polluted countries.



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