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New Regulations Put into Place as Bird Flu Spreads in Dairy Cows

Last month
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The Canadian government wants to implement new dairy cattle regulations as the avian flu infects more cows. They have already issued increased guidance for private veterinarians who suspect that they are seeing a case of bird flu in cattle.

The country has not had any cases of bird flu in cattle yet, but the nation already has 11 million domestic birds affected by the flu.

The United States government may be close behind them as bird flu spreads among dairy cows.

New Regulations

The Canadian government recommends that any vet investigating a case of avian flu wear personal protective gear.

Furthermore, people should wear masks and gloves and discard them in a sealed bag before leaving a site where avian flu may be present.

They also recommend that farmers completely clean any equipment used with their animals, including livestock trailers. The Canadian government also suggests that animals be isolated for 21 days after being returned to the farm from an auction or show.

They recommend that animals be kept only with other animals of the same species and that steps be taken to discourage wild birds from visiting their farms.

In March 2024, a person in Texas got bird flu after being around a dairy cow that had avian flu. In 2020, another person in Colorado was also diagnosed with bird flu after being in contact with infected birds.

There are still no indications that this flu strain spreads from person to person, but the World Health Organization says that if there is a case, it would be of enormous concern.



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