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Central and Southern Storms to Bring Torrential Rain and Thunderstorms This Week

2 months ago
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An active weather pattern is about to settle into much of the south-central U.S. heading into next week. The new week will bring a heightened risk of flooding in addition to a number of other severe weather impacts.

Here is a peak at what lies ahead in the coming days for this part of the country.

Break Up of Jet Stream Pattern Will Usher in Persistent Moisture for South-Central U.S.

Forecasters have been warning that a series of storms will begin to impact the south-central portion of the U.S. beginning on Monday and lasting through Thursday. The jet stream position over the last week has kept the storm train pushed into the Northeast and the West Coast over the past several days.

However, that pattern is starting to break down and allow the storms to fire up across Texas. This line of storms is expected to inch to the northeast and across the lower portions of the Mississippi Valley as the week progresses.

Because of the anticipated slow movement of this weather maker, it will be able to bring up mass amounts of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This moisture will pair with the energy circulating with the system to produce heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms.

How much rain should you expect?



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