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Climate Change Good News Includes Less Deforestation, New Fossil Fuel Deal, and More

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It is easy to feel discouraged about the state of the Earth and the environment lately. The unprecedented rate of global warming, a plethora of extreme weather events, and dire warnings from climate change experts have created a bleak picture for the future. However, despite all of the doom and gloom and climate change denial, there is still reason to celebrate.

Here are a few reasons that climate change experts are pointing to as signs of hope for the future of the Earth and the goal to reverse the impacts of climate change.

Recovery of the Ozone Layer

According to a group of climate change experts backed by the United Nations, the Earth’s ozone layer is expected to recover completely within a few decades. The deterioration of the ozone layer had been a chief concern of environmentalists for years and has been high on the list of climate change advocacy.

Thanks to a phasing out of chemicals that deplete this protective layer around the Earth, the ozone is set to reverse the earlier damage that it sustained.

The success of repairing this hole is being credited to climate change advocacy and an International effort to reduce the use of harmful substances such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The recovery of the ozone layer is now regarded as one of the greatest success stories of the last few years and a testament to what can be accomplished when the world works together to protect the Earth.  

According to a recent assessment, the ozone layer is predicted to bounce back to 1980 levels by the year 2040 across most of the planet provided that the current policies remain in place. The time period needed to replace the ozone layer in the polar areas is slightly longer with the Arctic expected to see this restoration in 2045 and the Antarctic predicted to experience the recovery in the year 2066.



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