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Midwest and East Coast Advised to Bring Out Frost Cover For Plants as Cold Front Rolls In

Last month
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A late season surge of cold weather for the Midwest and into the East this week is putting some sensitive plants at risk, and residents are advised to use a frost cover for plants.

Here is what you need to know about the threat of frosts and freezes and what you can do to protect your plants.

Cold Morning Raises Risk of Frosts and Freezes

Many residents of the Midwest woke up to an unseasonably cold morning over the weekend weather forecast. The blast of cold air filtered in from the Plains and to the east, threatening to damage some plants and other types of vegetation as the mercury slipped below freezing in some areas.

The Midwest cold front came on the heels of a warmer than average winter and early spring. This contrast of temperatures exacerbates the chances of damage to buds that have already popped out as they are no longer protected in their safe cocoon.

As forecasters have been warning about since last week, the initial round of chilly temperatures hit the eastern half of the U.S. over the weekend thanks to the arrival of a cold front coming down from Canada.

The mercury dipped to about the freezing mark or lower in some portions of the upper Midwest and into eastern New England. This cold air mass dropped as far south as Tennessee and North Carolina at times.



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