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Egg Prices May Raise Over 40% in 2024 Because of Avian Flu

2 months ago
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Your grits and eggs will soon cost more at your favorite cafe because eggs are going up again.

In February, the national cost of a dozen grade-A eggs was $3, up from $2 in the fall.

Avian flu may be to blame for the 33% increase in the price of eggs in under six months. In January 2023, egg prices rose to $4.32 a dozen after a severe flu outbreak was reported.

This was the highest price consumers were ever asked to pay for eggs as of 2024. During the severe avian flu outbreak in 2022, egg prices rose 41%.

If this trend happens this time, egg prices could rise to new record highs.

What is Avian Flu?

Avian flu, also called bird flu, is a virus that can be transmitted between birds, from birds to other animals, from animal to animal, or from affected animals or birds to humans.

Like other viruses, it has different strains as it keeps mutating.

Avian flu has been around for more than 100 years. It was first reported in Italy in 1878. It could have already been around for hundreds of years in Italy at that point.

They further believe that an itinerant bird merchant took infected birds to Austria, Germany, Belgium and France by 1901 There can be almost a 100% mortality rate from bird flu.

Often, death occurs before raisers know that their flock has been affected.

Those who do see signs may notice:



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