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Extreme Cold Blasts Nordic Region, Breaks 25-Year January Low in Sweden

5 months ago
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Temperatures plummeted below minus 40 degrees Celsius in the Nordic region for the second consecutive day on Wednesday. Sweden logged its coldest January temperature in 25 years amidst the icy blast gripping the area.

The mercury plunged below minus 40 Celsius (also minus 40 Fahrenheit) across parts of northern Europe on Wednesday, following similar frigid conditions the day prior. According to the country's TT news agency, in the village of Kvikkjokk-Årrenjarka in Swedish Lapland, temperatures dropped to a bitter minus 43.6 C (minus 46.5 F).

This marked Sweden's coldest January reading since 1999.

On Tuesday, the small indigenous Sami settlement of Nikkaluokta in northern Sweden recorded a low of minus 41.6 C (minus 42.8 F). Nikkaluokta sits within the Lapland region, which stretches from northern Norway across Sweden and Finland into Russia.

Forecasters say overnight lows of minus 25 to minus 35 C (minus 13 to minus 31 F) will continue plaguing northern Sweden for the remainder of the week.

Sweden's coldest January temperature on record occurred in 1999 in Karesuando near the Finnish border, when the mercury plunged to minus 49 C (minus 56 F).

While not record-breaking, this week's chill is disrupting transportation and forcing school closures across Scandinavia. Bridges have been shut down, and some train and ferry services suspended amidst the snow, wind and brutal cold.

This extreme wintry weather is forecast to grip Finland through at least Sunday, with temperatures remaining below minus 35 C (minus 31 F) across the country's northern half. Police throughout most of Denmark are advising motorists to avoid any unnecessary travel as parts of the country battle snow and fierce winds.



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