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Heat and Humidity Levels Falling Across the Northeast

3 weeks ago

A series of storms pushing through the Midwest this week will work to bring down both the temperatures and the humidity levels in the Northeast. Here is a look at this yo-yo forecast.

Rising Temperatures Will Not Last Long Out East

The mercury and humidity will once again be on an upward trajectory across the Northeast on Wednesday. However, unlike last week's lasting warmth, the incoming heat will not stick around for long this time. Meteorologists are predicting that the arrival of a cold front will once again bring down the temperatures heading into the end of the week.

The cool front is also responsible for the rash of gusty storms that fired up late Tuesday across much of the Midwest and beyond. These storms pushed to the east into the eastern Great Lakes and the central Appalachians, delivering heavy rain and gusty conditions.

More storms are bearing down on the region on Wednesday, stretching as far north as Ontario and Quebec in Canada and as far south as the southern tier of the Appalachians. To the east, the storms will expand into southwestern New England while the cells will dip as far as Mississippi at times.

Storms are expected to erupt late Wednesday in areas such as the lower Hudson Valley and down into the Mississippi Valley. These storms could generate damaging winds, hail, and flash flooding. A number of major metropolitan areas are in the potential impact zone, including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Nashville, and Cincinnati.

Forecasters warn that the storm cells do not have to produce severe impacts to be dangerous. These storms could generate frequent lightning strikes, putting those planning outdoor activities in danger. Be sure to enable all severe weather notifications and take shelter if storms are approaching your area.

Temperatures across much of the eastern U.S. will begin to drop on Thursday as the front moves into the region. You can expect high temperatures to fall up to 15 degrees from the peak readings earlier in the week. This will translate to highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s for the central and northern Appalachians. The lower part of the mid-Atlantic will still manage to see the mercury approach the 90-degree mark.

High temperatures will slip even lower on Friday when compared to Thursday as the front becomes more entrenched over the region. However, the Northeast should prepare for warmer temperatures and humidity levels over the weekend.

Diving Deeper Into Specific Forecasts for the Region

Looking at a few specific forecasts, New York City will fall from a high of about 93 degrees on Wednesday to readings in the mid 80s on Thursday. Friday's highs will top out in the upper 70s before beginning to inch upward again on Saturday. After a chance of scattered storms late Wednesday in the Big Apple, Thursday and Friday will see dry conditions with the moisture train expected to fire up again over the weekend.

The interior portions of the Northeast will also see the driest conditions on Thursday and Friday. For instance, Pittsburgh will see the last of the rain move out late Wednesday with partly cloudy skies in store for the end of the week. The chance of rain and storms will increase over the weekend for the Steel City. Highs will hover in the low 80s on Wednesday and Thursday with readings in the mid 80s beginning on Friday and lasting through the weekend.

Boston will see the cooling trend begin on Thursday. Wednesday's highs will approach 90 degrees with temperatures predicted to top out in the low 80s on Thursday before dipping even further into the mid 70s on Friday and Saturday. The highest chance of rain in this part of New England will be Thursday morning when the front arrives. More rain is in the forecast for the latter part of the day Saturday following a picture perfect day on Friday.

A significant change in the weather is also on the horizon for the mid-Atlantic, Norfolk will go from a high near the century mark on Wednesday to readings that struggle to climb out of the mid 80s on Thursday. The city is expecting scattered rain showers and thunderstorms to start the day with overnight lows forecast to drop to about the 70-degree mark after the sun goes down.

The long-range forecast is calling for another round of rain showers and thunderstorms to push forward by the beginning of next week, resulting in cooler temperatures for the first week of July. Stay tuned as this forecast becomes more certain in the coming days.

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