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Heat Eases Out East but Builds on the West Coast

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While the eastern half of the U.S. will begin to see some relief from the heat in the coming days, it will be the opposite situation on the West Coast as this warmth begins to build in this region. Here is a look at this contrasting forecast for the last week of June.

Heat Dome Will Begin to Ease Out East

A change is on the way for both the eastern and western U.S. beginning this weekend and heading into the new week. The heat dome that has had a grip on the Midwest and the East Coast will begin to break up while the mercury will inch upward out West. The change will be the result of a shifting to the west of the large zone of high pressure that has been anchored over the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee valleys this week. By the start of the week, this area of high pressure is expected to take up residence over the Desert Southwest.

The shift in the position of the area of high pressure will pair with a dip in the jet stream over the Midwest and the Northwest. The southward dip in the stream will usher in cooler and less humid air to this part of the country.

Although those in the eastern U.S. will welcome the cooler conditions, it will also come with the risk of thunderstorm activity throughout the weekend. This is because the clash of the competing weather patterns will support the development of severe weather.



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