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How Forecasters Are Able to Predict Bad Weather Brewing

Last month
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Key Takeaways

  • A multi-day severe weather outbreak is expected to take place across the central U.S., starting on Thursday.
  • Meteorologists can predict severe weather outbreaks by looking for four key ingredients.
  • Spring is a common time for severe weather outbreaks because of these temperature fluctuations.

Bad Weather Brewing! Understanding the Factors

The central portions of the nation have been put on alert for a multi-day severe thunderstorm outbreak expected to take off on Thursday and last through the weather this weekend.

The forecast is calling for a number of potentially dangerous impacts, including strong winds, large hail, torrential rain, and tornadic activity.

How are forecasters so certain that bad weather brewing is going to spring up and wreak havoc?

Meteorologists are able to look at a number of factors to determine the particular risk of severe weather over a region at any given time. The presence of these key factors increase the odds that severe weather will ignite over a widespread area.

Here are the four primary elements needed to fuel a severe thunderstorm outbreak.



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