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How to Measure Snowfall and Submit the Data to the National Weather Service

Last month
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It has been a fast and furious start to the new year when it comes to snowfall across the U.S. The National Weather Service (NWS) routinely leans on the public to measure the snowfall amounts that are used in official reports across a region.

This is because snowfall measurements vary drastically over short distances, meaning that multiple measurements need to be recorded in order to provide an accurate assessment.

While it may sound easy in theory to measure snowfall, there are additional steps that you can take to ensure a more accurate measurement.

Here is how to measure snowfall by using the proper equipment and techniques so that you can submit your data to the NWS.

Gathering the Right Equipment

You cannot expect to obtain an accurate snowfall measurement without the use of the right equipment. You will need a measuring stick, a rain gauge cylinder, and a snow board.

The measuring stick should have the numbers clearly marked in increments of a tenth of an inch. A yardstick typically serves this purpose well.

A rain gauge cylinder is useful when determining the liquid equivalent of the snow while a snow board is basically a piece of plywood that measures about 16 inches across and acts as a landing surface for the falling precipitation.



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