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How Weather for Super Bowl LVIII Could Affect the Players and Fans

4 weeks ago
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The Super Bowl stands as the biggest single-day sporting event in the United States, drawing around 100 million television viewers annually.

With such massive audiences and pop culture significance, the National Football League spare no expense in their production and staging of the "big game” finale between conference champions.

Yet for all the preparations and contingencies considered by organizers, one unpredictable factor beyond human control threatens to dampen the spectacle – Mother Nature.

Potential Snow and Freezing Cold Can Make for a Slippery, Dangerous Stadium

While frosty climates host Super Bowls far less frequently than warmer cities, some have inevitably contended with snow, heavy winds and bitter cold hampering the experience.

A dusting is considered picturesque, but sufficient accumulation causes issues even before kickoff arrives.

Snow requires plowing from the stands and field, while aircraft must de-ice painting logos, banners and other markings on the turf. Frigid air causes boilers running heated coils underneath to labor aggressively to maintain pliability.

Of course, several inches of snow with sustained sub-freezing temperatures translate to a slippery, hazardous playing surface by game time. Traction problems plague players attempting sharp cuts or routes, raising injury risks.

Kicking and ball handling proves exponentially more difficult, dragging down scoring. Precipitation tapering off overnight allows crews to repeatedly shovel and sweep to create acceptable conditions.

But lingering flurries counter efforts and may force compromises like switching sidelines.



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