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How Weather Shapes 4th of July Fireworks Celebrations

3 weeks ago
Credit: Adobe Stock

In honor of Independence Day, Americans from coast to coast will celebrate the holiday on July 4th with colorful explosions and deafening booms. Despite their individuality, all fireworks displays share a commonality: science.

Where Do the Colors of Fireworks Come From?

Each firework has its own unique blend of metals and salts that, when released into the sky, produce a rainbow of colors. The greenish sheen of barium, the dazzling blue tones of copper and the reddish-brown brilliance of strontium are all eye-catching.

According to EarthSky, ingredients including chlorine, potassium nitrate, sulfur, chlorates and nitrates all contribute to the explosive coloration of pyrotechnics.

During meteor showers, the same type of science is at work; the chemical composition of space rocks causes shooting stars to burn up in Earth's atmosphere, emitting a rainbow of colors in the process.

Weather Patterns That Can Interfere With Fireworks



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