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Idalia Downgraded to a Tropical Storm as it Enters the Carolinas

11 months ago

Just before 8am on Wednesday morning, Hurricane Idalia made her presence known by slamming into the Gulf Coast of Florida. Keaton Beach was the first to feel her impacts, and Cedar Key, Florida was devastated by at least 9 feet of storm surge.

In Pasco county, about 150 residents had to be rescued from their flooded neighborhoods, and up to 6,000 homes were damaged in the storm. Even Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis wasn't immune to the damage when a 100-year old tree fell in his backyard. No one was injured. There were also reports of people looting in Taylor county's Steinhatchee in the aftermath of Idalia.

Currently, Florida's biggest concern is getting power back on for the residents who lost it, and workers started working to get it back up as soon as it was safe to do so.

The city of Jacksonville, Florida, which was spared some of Idalia's worst impacts, began cleaning up from the storm on Wednesday. Downed trees and power lines still remain a concern.

Idalia Moves to Georgia



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