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Latest Fog Weather Forecast and How It Impacts Your Area

6 months ago

The far-reaching fog that has recently enveloped much of the central and eastern U.S. did not rapidly vanish, bringing unhappy news for travelers that were relying on the ground or skies to reach their destinations this weekend. Read on for the impacts of the dense fog and the fog weather forecast for this week.

Warned of Massive Fog Days Before

Meteorologists forewarned that a massive fog bank would form several days in advance. Unfortunately, their fog weather prediction came true, with the fog significantly disrupting both driving and flying across the country’s eastern half. This dense fog was expected to hover until the weekend draws to a close before finally dissipating, but its impacts will continue to be felt.

The shift from the bitterly cold Arctic air mass that dominated the middle of the month to weather conditions more reminiscent of March or April has resulted in the widespread fog event occurring this week.

"As day broke on Thursday morning, close to 100 million individuals living in over two dozen states peered out their windows only to have their sight obstructed by dense fog," stated meteorologist Max Rayno. Fog is considered dense when visibility drops to one-quarter of a mile or less.



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