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Massive Weather Maker Bears Down on Millions of Americans Just in Time for the Weekend

7 months ago
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A far-reaching storm system is going to impact millions of Americans in the eastern half of the U.S. this weekend. Here is what you need to know as you make your weekend plans.

Storm Churns Throughout Eastern U.S.

This massive weekend weather maker is going to bring a variety of impacts, including snow, thunderstorms, and high winds. What you experience will depend on how far north you are when the storm churns through the region. Approximately 180 million people will see some degree of impact out of this system.

Who will see the snow out of this early winter storm? Because the system is not forecast to pick up strength until it moves farther east, the central U.S. and the Great Lakes will dodge most of the precipitation.

In addition, warmer temperatures circulating in advance of the arrival of the storm will also work to mitigate the chances of wintry precipitation for a bulk of the region.

As a result, the greatest chance of snow will be in a relatively narrow stretch of land from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. The snow bands will likely expand up into northern Michigan on the northwestern side of the weather system.

The highest accumulations are predicted to land across the Appalachians and the interior portions of the Northeast, feeding on the cold air that is coming in behind the system on Sunday.



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