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Millions Stranded by Epic Winter Storm During Post-Thanksgiving Travel Rush

7 months ago
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A widespread winter storm brought trouble for millions of holiday travelers over the weekend, causing flight cancellations and hazardous road conditions. Nearly 14 million people were under winter weather alerts on Sunday November 27th, as a post-Thanksgiving snowstorm impacted a large swath of the country.

The storm first hit the Rockies and Central Plains before moving eastward. The Weather Service Prediction Center issued winter storm warnings for parts of the upper peninsula of Michigan, while also putting weather advisories in effect across areas of the Midwest and Great Lakes region.

This expansive system threatened to snarl both air travel and highways during what was already expected to be an extremely busy travel weekend with people returning home after gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday.

With so many people on the move after celebrating with family and friends for the holiday, this far-reaching winter event had the potential to cause travel nightmares. The storm brought the threat of cancelled flights, slick roads and highways, and overall frustration for the millions navigating through the affected regions. Careful planning and caution was warranted for those journeying through zones impacted by snow, ice and other wintry conditions.

Treacherous Driving Conditions as Storm Dumps Heavy Snow

As the winter storm continued its eastward push on Sunday, areas of the Southern Rockies and Central Plains were plastered with heavy snowfall, leading to extremely hazardous driving conditions. Forecasters predicted some parts of Kansas could receive up to a foot of snow, as road crews scrambled to treat the snow-covered and icy highways.

The National Weather Service warned that gusty winds would pair with the heavy snow to significantly reduce visibility and make travel risky across main thoroughfares.

By Sunday morning, parts of Kansas had already recorded over 10 inches of accumulation. Authorities in Wichita cautioned drivers that most roads were packed with snow and ice, advising motorists to slow down and allow extra transit time. Emergency responders in Harvey County reported responding to multiple vehicles sliding off snow-slicked roads on Saturday.



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