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Severe Weather Threats

More Severe Weather in the Forecast for Central and Eastern U.S.

2 weeks ago
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The week got off to a stormy start once again across much of the Plains states. This trend will continue through the week with the severe weather threats forecast to shift from the central portions of the country across to the East Coast. Here is a look at the cold front pushing through the region and what this means for storm impacts.

Tuesday's Storm Activity Forecast to Move to the East and the North

Forecasters are warning that it will be another unsettled week for the central and eastern U.S with June carrying on with the weather pattern that distinguished May. Monday's severe weather roared across a zone from southern Texas and up into the Midwest, hitting the same general area that experienced the onslaught of storms over the last few weeks.

Tuesday's storm threats will move to the east and the north, giving Texas the chance to breathe but bringing areas as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin into the potential impact zone. Tuesday's activity will be fueled by a cold front moving across the northern U.S. and a mass of cooler air dipping down from Canada. This chillier air will clash with the warm and humid air filtering up from the Gulf of Mexico to lay the groundwork for the storm development along the frontal boundary.

Forecasters are warning that some of the storms Tuesday could produce dangerous tornadoes. Anyone in the line of the storm cells should be prepared for these impacts. There is also the chance that the storms will spin up after the sun goes down, amplifying the risks as funnels are more difficult to detect under the cover of darkness and residents may be sleeping.

The greatest risks of severe weather on Tuesday will be across the northeast corner of Kansas, the southeastern edge of Nebraska, the northwestern portion of Missouri, and up into southern Iowa. The state of Iowa has been hit especially hard by tornadic activity this year, recording over 100 twisters thus far.

Major metropolitan areas that need to be prepared for stormy conditions on Tuesday include Kansas City and Minneapolis. While the Twin Cities may wake up to the stormy conditions, it will likely be later in the day before the storms ignite in Kansas City.



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