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More Tornadoes Hit the U.S. Every Year Than Other Nations

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The U.S. leads the world in tornadic activity by a wide margin. The nation generates more tornadoes each year than Canada, Australia, and all of Europe combined, coming in at an average of 1,150 twisters on an annual basis. Here is a deeper look inside these numbers.

What the Numbers Say About Tornadic Activity Around the World

The U.S. is distinguished in the number of tornadoes it produces every year. Not surprisingly, the country also leads in the number of fatalities each year at an average of 73. Conversely, all of Europe only tallies between 10 and 15 fatalities blamed on tornadoes in an average year.

While every U.S. state has experienced a tornado at least once, some states see substantially more activity than others. Texas is at the top of the list with an average of 140 twisters confirmed annually. This is not surprising simply due to the large size of the Lone Star State. Rounding out the top five are Kansas, Florida, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.



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