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Much of Texas at Risk of Heightened Flooding Concerns Heading Into New Week

2 weeks ago
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The northeastern edge of Texas is going to be under a continual flooding threat in the coming days as heavy targets this part of the U.S. Here is a look at what residents need to be aware of heading into a new week.

More Rain on the Way for Saturated Areas of Northeastern Texas

Forecasters are predicting that a foot of rain could potentially fall across northeastern Texas next week, elevating the risk of flooding for the water-logged region. Other areas of the southern U.S. will be at risk of flooding as rivers and stream water levels begin to rise out of their banks due to the enhanced areas of moisture.

It has already been an exceptionally wet spring for the northeastern corner of Texas. Multiple heavy rain events have filled area waterways to elevate the flooding risk. Unfortunately, the forecast into the middle of May is calling for more rounds of precipitation. Even communities that have dodged this excessive rainfall could be hit by the early part of the week.

How wet has it been in northeastern Texas? The area between interstates 10 and 20 has recorded up to 300% of the historical average of rainfall this spring. Additionally, there have been stretches of days that saw up to 20 inches of rain during a short period of time.

Not surprisingly, rainfall of this magnitude created flash flood emergencies across the region. Moderate to major flooding impacted the Navasota, Trinity, Sabine, Brazos, and Neches rivers over the last few weeks. Additionally rivers have crested and are headed to surge levels. These water levels will only increase with the influx of new moisture on the horizon.



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