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Navigating the Snowy Tapestry of Meteorological Terminology

6 months ago
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When meteorologists dive into the intricacies of snow, decoding their language becomes as fascinating as the delicate snowflakes themselves.

As they sprinkle terms like "snow flurries," "snow accumulation," and "thundersnow" into their forecasts, it's only natural for us to wonder what they are saying. Please grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up, and let's demystify the snowfall forecast together.

Snow Flurries

If the meteorologist calls for snow flurries, there will likely be little accumulation. Instead of fretting about snow flurries, find a hot drink and settle down to watch the beautiful snowfall as you can often see the individual flakes.

These snows are usually scattered, so you may need to move around to discover where snow flurries fall.



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