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Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Dodging Rain Showers

3 weeks ago
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The Northeast is going to see a mixed bag of weather conditions this weekend.

While the region will not see completely dreary weather, you will want to keep an eye on the hourly forecast in your area if you have outdoor plans as a backdoor front inches into this corner of the country and brings some disruptions. Read on for the details.

Rain Forecast to Push into the Mid-Atlantic and Up Through New England

Residents along the East Coast will be dodging rain showers this weekend as an unsettled weather pattern sets up across the region. An infusion of cool air will also create some unpleasant conditions.

A front bringing in cool air will track to the west from the east throughout the weekend. This is in opposition to the direction that these fronts typically move, giving it the moniker "backdoor cool front."

These types of fronts are most common during the spring months in the Northeast when the cooler waters out in the Atlantic Ocean work to push the chill to the west.

This front will meet up with a secondary cool front coming out of the Great Lakes region moving in a more typical west to east direction. The merger of the two separate fronts will support the development of moisture.



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