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Norway Braces for Strongest Storm in 30 Years As Winds Threaten Coast

4 months ago
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Norway’s central Atlantic coast is preparing for what may be the country’s most powerful storm in three decades, with hurricane-force winds expected to batter coastal communities on Wednesday.

Red Warning Issued

Authorities have issued the highest level red warning for the Trondheim area as well as the Lofoten Islands further north, urging residents across central Norway to stay indoors and avoid travel during the storm’s peak.

Police warn that wind gusts could reach 180 kilometres per hour (112 miles per hour), strong enough to send loose debris airborne.

Already, precautionary disruptions have begun rippling across Norway’s transportation network and infrastructure ahead of the storm’s landfall.

Scattered ferry lines have suspended services to nearby islands, while some roads, tunnels and bridges shut down as a precaution. Schools and even workplaces sent students and employees home early to get safely indoors.

Meteorologists have named the gathering storm Ingunn and expect it to make landfall midday Wednesday before sweeping north into Thursday.

Its strength and projected path are remarkably similar to the infamous 1992 New Year’s hurricane — one of Norway’s most damaging storms on record.



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