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Pacific Northwest Experiences First Major Snowfall of Season for Low-Lying Areas

5 months ago
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The Northwest is dealing with dangerous travel conditions and bitterly cold temperatures as winter grips the region.

Meanwhile, forecasters are warning that it will also be a messy football game between the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Buffalo on Sunday on the opposite side of the country.

Here is a snapshot of what is going on this weekend in the northern half of the U.S. as Arctic air and wintry precipitation takes hold.

Arctic Air Combines With Moisture to Produce Significant Snow for Northwest

Motorists heading out on Interstate 5 in the Northwest this weekend are going to want to exercise caution as a storm system and its associated moisture meets up with a new influx of Arctic air dipping down from Canada.

The combination of the frigid temperatures and fresh precipitation will lay the groundwork for widespread snow and ice along the corridor throughout much of Oregon and into the northern edge of Washington state.

It has already been a week of heavy snow for the higher terrains of the Northwest. A series of storms have delivered multiple rounds of blowing snow in the mountains along with rain for the low-lying areas.

The intrusion of Arctic air will allow for the snow levels to fall throughout the weekend, bringing the chance of flakes flying to areas not typically accustomed to snow.

Seattle saw a bit of snow accumulation on Thursday. Suburbs to the east and the north of the metropolitan area recorded up to 1.5 inches of snow. A mass of dry air in place over northern Washington and Idaho will push the moisture to the south, delivering it into Oregon.

However, it will still remain cold in areas that do not see snow. For instance, Seattle will remain in the 20s throughout the weekend for highs, compared to the historical average of readings in the upper 40s.



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