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Perseverance Rover Finds Evidence of Ancient Rivers on Mars

Last year

NASA's Perseverance rover has been on a mission to explore the Red Planet since it landed in February 2021. And just over a year later, the rover has already made some significant discoveries.

The latest findings from Perseverance suggest that ancient rivers on Mars may have been deeper and faster than previously thought.

What Do The Images Show?

The rover's Mastcam-Z instrument captured hundreds of images that were pieced together to create a composite image of a geological structure within the "curvilinear unit" of the Jezero crater. The area is believed to have once contained a network of waterways that flowed into a large lake. This lake is where Perseverance is currently exploring.

The composite image shows a series of ripples that are believed to have been created by water. These ripples were observed on a geological structure known as "Shrinkle Haven," which is part of the curvilinear unit.



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