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Police Rescue Mother and Child as SUV Dangles Over Snowy Ledge

6 months ago

A Colorado mother and her four-year-old daughter narrowly escaped tragedy on Tuesday when their SUV crashed through a fence in Boulder, leaving their vehicle teetering precariously over a five-foot drop.

The terrified young girl begged officers to save her mother, too, as they worked to pull her from the backseat.

The heart-stopping incident unfolded around lunchtime when the unidentified woman, driving a Lexus SUV, inexplicably ploughed into a wire fence along a sidewalk in the city.

The collision caused the front two wheels of the luxury vehicle to hang over a concrete retaining wall while the back wheels remained on solid ground.

Bodycam footage from responding officers shows the SUV perilously balanced on the narrow ledge, with the mother still sitting in the driver's seat and her daughter strapped into a car seat behind her. The precarious position left officers scrambling to rescue them before the vehicle plunged down the drop.



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