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Potential of Storms to Precede Heatwave in the Northeast

Last month

While much hotter and drier conditions are on the way for the Northeast, the region will first need to contend with a bout of severe weather. Millions of Americans in this corner of the country will be dealing with the storms just prior to the arrival of the impending heatwave. Here is what you need to know about the forecast over the next few days.

Storms to Move Into the Northeast Prior to Arrival of Heatwave

Forecasters have been warning of the upcoming heatwave for the Northeast for days. Just in time for the first official day of summer, the mercury will soar across the eastern U.S. Coming in prior to the heat will be a round of storms that could dash hopes of getting outside before the uncomfortably hot weather arrives.

The risk of severe weather will hit the region on Friday, firing up as a cold front coming from the Midwest clashes with the warm and humid air currently in place over the eastern U.S. This merger will result in the formation of storms along the frontal boundary.



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