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Record-Breaking Hailstones Damage Homes and Trees Through the Carolinas

Last month
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A ferocious storm system of raining and hailing ripped through the Carolinas on Saturday evening, unleashing a hailstorm unlike anything many residents of the area had ever seen.

Instead of the typical small pellets of ice, monstrous stones, some measuring a staggering 4.5 inches in diameter – grapefruit size hail – pummeled homes, cars, and property, leaving a trail of hailstones damage.

While the hail may not have been as gargantuan as a Texas hailstorm in 2021, where one stone measured 19.73 inches in diameter and weighed over 1 pound, the storm this past weekend was enough to do some damage.

Hailstones Damage

The relentless hailstorm blanketed parts of North and South Carolina, including Rock Hill, South Carolina, where residents woke up on Sunday morning to find piles of hail clinging to their yards.

The hailstones damage included ripping siding from houses, stripping leaves from trees, and shredding vinyl fences. Social media exploded with hailstorm images of the devastation, with one X user from Rock Hill stating, "This is a storm that will go down in history."

Hail season is between March and July, so while there's still potential for more severe weather of this caliber, this storm is one for the books.



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