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Forecasters Warn the Severe Storms in the Midwest Will Linger Through Thursday

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The Midwest is going to remain in the impact zone for potentially damaging storms over the next few days. Here is the latest on this fluid weather situation for the nation's heartland.

Monday's Severe Weather Threats to Continue Through Middle of the Week for the Midwest

There has been no rest for the storm weary in the Midwest. Dozens of severe weather reports were recorded on Monday across the Great Plains. This storm system also spawned a few tornadoes in this region.

This same weather maker is going to track to the east on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing more communities into the path of potential damage. The scope of this system means that some areas could get clobbered by more than one severe weather event in a short period of time.

Approximately 45 million Americans will be in the risk zone on Tuesday with this number dropping to 35 million people on Wednesday.

In addition to a number of major cities in the path, the storms are also likely to cross over heavily traveled roadways. Potential impacts associated with this storm system include strong winds, large hail, and long-track tornadoes that stay on the ground for a significant amount of time.



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