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Severe Storms Not Backing Off Across the Central U.S.

3 weeks ago
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The first weekend of May will feature another round of severe storms for the central U.S. Although the widespread deadly severe weather is not likely to be as big of an issue as it was last weekend, that does not mean that the nation's heartland is out of the woods heading into the weekend.

Here is a look at what to expect at the end of this week and beyond for the Plains states.

Thursday's Storms a Continuation of Wednesday's Activity

This is not the time to rest easy if you live in the central U.S. Despite a weakening of the onslaught of storms that have throttled the region in recent weeks, there will still be storm cells popping up periodically in the coming days.

These storms will pack the usual impacts, including strong winds, hail, and torrential rain at times. All of the weekend storms will build to what is expected to be a more widespread severe weather outbreak over the Great Plains on Monday.

Thursday's severe weather impacts will pick up where Wednesday left off. There were nearly 100 incidents of severe weather reported on Wednesday over the Great Plains.

These impacts included hail the size of grapefruit and winds that hit speeds that were the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane. There were also over a dozen tornadoes reported on Wednesday.



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