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How to Practice Severe Weather Safety Tips

4 weeks ago
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The rash of severe weather over the past few days has served as a reminder that storm season is here and in full swing.

While most everyone understands the importance of seeking shelter during tornado warnings, there are also a number of other tips that you should recognize in order to stay safe when severe weather is brewing.

From a severe thunderstorm warning to a flooded road, here is a look at some of the lesser known safety tips to keep in mind.

You May Not Hear Tornado Sirens Indoors

Tornado sirens are not necessarily designed to be heard indoors. Instead, they are installed to warn people outside to seek shelter immediately. This means that you cannot count on hearing a siren to warn you if you are inside.

In addition, millions of people live too far away from the nearest siren to be able to hear its alarm. Being intentional about having multiple ways to receive important weather alerts will ensure that you do not miss the warning.

A smartphone is a great tool to use for severe weather alerts. Most modern smartphones allow wireless emergency alerts (WEA) to be transmitted through government agencies such as the National Weather Service (NWS).

Keep your smartphone fully charged during times of severe weather so that you are not caught off guard. This is particularly important in the overnight hours when you are likely to be asleep and not aware of what is happening outside.



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