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South Continues to be in the Crosshairs of Rain and Severe Storms

5 months ago
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What has already been an unsettled start to the week for the South will become even more intense in the coming days thanks to a persistent risk of severe weather for the region.

A duo of storm systems is going to usher in more heavy rain and gusty winds into the weekend, adding to the eye-popping rain totals that the southern tier of the nation has picked up this week.

How much more rain should you expect? Read on for all of the details of the latest weather threat.

Wet Week Continues for the Southern Plains and Beyond

The early week weather maker delivered rainfall amounts of several inches of rain to parts of eastern Texas and into Louisiana and Arkansas. For instance, College Station, Texas recorded 3.5 inches of rain over a period of less than three days.

This continual stream of moisture is forecast to linger through the weekend as a strong wind flow coming up from the Gulf of Mexico pushes the immense moisture to the north as energy from the west tracks along the Gulf Coast.

More severe weather is in the cards through late Wednesday in a zone from central Texas and into southern Alabama. These storm cells carry a number or risks, including high winds, hail, and isolated tornadic activity.

The storm will track to the east through Thursday, generating the risk of storms and heavy rain to several U.S. cities in its path.



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