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Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Next in Line for Thunderstorms

2 weeks ago
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The severe weather that has been slamming the central U.S. over the past three days is going to shift to the east and south on Thursday, putting nearly 80 million Americans in the line of fire.

Here is the latest forecast data surrounding these volatile thunderstorms.

Thursday Storms Creep to the South and East

The threat of thunderstorms and tornadoes is predicted to stretch all the way to the East Coast and down into the southern portions of the nation on Thursday.

Although these storm cells are not expected to pack the same punch of the systems that roared across the Plains and the Midwest earlier in the week, they could still present a number of concerns.

Forecasters are warning that some of the Thursday storms will be volatile enough to produce tornadoes.

The line of storms will impact a densely populated region of the U.S., translating to a greater risk of property damage when compared to the early week storms that spun up over more rural areas.



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