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Southern Storms to Bring Severe Weather Starting Thursday

Last month
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The threat of severe weather is going to be an ongoing concern as Southerns storms make their way into the region in the coming days. The building storm cells will pack a number of impacts, including strong winds, large hail, the threat of flash flooding, and tornadic activity.

Here is what you need to be aware of if you live in this part of the country.

Strengthening Storm System Spells Trouble for the Southern U.S.

The risk of severe weather across the southern U.S. will increase as a Wednesday storm system takes root and strengthens. This particular system is expected to move along at a slow pace, exacerbating the normal effects.

Forecasters are also warning of the chance of nocturnal tornadoes that could spin up when people are sleeping and unaware of the threat.

Those in the path of these storms should be prepared for high winds, flooding, and hail as large as baseballs through Wednesday evening. The thick cloud cover associated with this storm will also make it difficult to spot tornadoes, especially those that might pop up under the cover of darkness.

It has already been a stormy week for some parts of the south-central U.S. Storms erupted on Monday across Texas before expanding into the western portion of Tennessee.



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