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Stay Prepared: Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

2 weeks ago

If you will be traveling in the winter, you must take some items along in your car. Even if you only go a few miles, having these items in your vehicle can be lifesaving because you never know when an accident will block the highway. Keeping these items in your car always will ensure you are prepared for the worst.

Blanket or Sleeping Bag

One item that you should always have in your car is a heavy blanket or sleeping bag. Choose blankets from materials that trap your body heat, such as fleece or wool. Select a compact sleeping bag with an R rating as cold as the expected low temperature during winter storms.

Options that are windproof and waterproof work best. A thermal blanket or a mylar blanket found in first-aid kits can be a great solution if you have enough to cover everyone.


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