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Storms to Return to the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic on Memorial Day

4 weeks ago
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It has been a devastating Memorial Day weekend for many areas of the U.S. with deadly storms putting millions of Americans at risk. Monday's holiday will see this severe weather spread into the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic, potentially disrupting outdoor plans up and down the Atlantic Seaboard. Here is what you need to know heading into the last day of the holiday weekend as well as more on what to expect for the start of the new work week on Tuesday.

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Rain and Stormy Weather Pick Back Up Across the East Coast

Memorial Day is going to be a wet affair for a large portion of the East Coast with heavy rain and severe storms in the forecast. The end of the weekend will be a continuation of the trend of the last few days with strong storms disrupting outdoor activities and putting lives at risk. As with the other storms this weekend, Monday's impacts will include large hail, torrential rain, and high winds.

The same weather maker that is being blamed for at least 15 fatalities in the nation's heartland on Saturday is now pushing into the eastern half of the U.S. to close out the long weekend. Monday's threats will stretch from the Carolinas and up into parts of New England.

The start of the day will see activity picking up in the Appalachians. This activity will only be the appetizer of what is to come later in the day. The highest impact zone will likely focus on the northern reaches of North Carolina and through Virginia, Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, and the southern edge of New York state.

For instance, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is expecting severe storms at times on Monday. This risk will hang on through the evening hours. Highs will top out in the low 80s before slipping into the low 60s overnight.

Moving to the north, it is going to be a rough day for visitors in the tourist town of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Winds will be whipping around from the south-southeast at speeds of 10 to 15 mph. The mercury will climb into the upper 70s before landing in the low 60s overnight.

Forecasters are warning that there will be sufficient circulation in the atmosphere to produce isolated tornadoes in this zone. This risk will compound the already existing threats of damaging winds, heavy rain, and frequent lightning strikes. Weather of this magnitude will almost certainly snarl travel for motorists and air travelers heading home at the end of the weekend.



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