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Storms Will Continue to be a Factor for the Central U.S. and Beyond

Last month
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The storm train is going to continue into the central U.S. for the Memorial Day weekend. Some of these storm cells may also creep into the eastern portions of the country as well, potentially washing out outdoor plans for the holiday. Here is what you need to know about the threats brewing over the next few days.

No Break from the Stormy Pattern for the Central U.S.

Meteorologists are warning that daily episodes of heavy rain and severe weather impacts will linger in the nation's heartland and to the east through the upcoming long weekend. Communities that have already been hit by volatile weather this spring will once again be in the crosshairs of these impacts as the summer season unofficially kicks off.

This is a good time to ensure that you have enabled your smartphone to receive severe weather alerts. This is particularly important if your weekend plans call for travel or outdoor activities. While the central U.S. will likely see the worst of the impacts, the storms may also reach as far as the heavily populated Interstate 95 corridor in the Northeast.



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