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Sunny Conditions Will Fade Away in the Northwest as Volatile Storm Comes in From the Pacific

3 weeks ago
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The last day of May turned out to be a beauty for the Pacific Northwest. But that is all changing as we have flipped the calendar to June and a new storm system moves onshore. Here is a look at what you can expect this week in the Northwest and where this volatile storm system will head next.

Rare Strong June Storm Targeting Pacific Northwest

The Northwest is bracing for rainfall measured in inches as a new weather maker takes aim at the region bringing the threat of localized flooding. This same storm will eventually make its way into the north-central portions of the country this week. In addition to the heavy rain, the storm is also expected to whip up the winds over the mountains and generate the threat of severe weather for the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest as it journeys to the east in the coming days.

This is typically the time period in which the Pacific Northwest begins to settle into a calmer weather pattern. While the storms that roll in from the Pacific during the winter are known for their powerful impacts, the storms that move in during the late spring months are generally weaker.

This will not be the case with the upcoming storm system. In fact, forecasters are predicting that this storm could send the equivalent to a whole month's worth of rain in June across some parts of the Northwest.



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