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Skin Care

Swimming Pool Chemicals: Healthy or Hazardous

3 weeks ago
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Key Takeaways

  • Swimming pool chemicals like chlorine and bromine are important additions because they keep algae and bacteria at bay.
  • These chemicals are terribly drying, however, and can leave hair and skin irritated.
  • They’re drying because, as they’re removing certain harmful elements from the water, they’re also clearing out natural hair and skin oils that nourish the body.
  • There are tell-tale signs if your body is reacting poorly to chlorine.
  • Post-care regimes like lukewarms showers and moisturizers are helpful in the battle against dry or irritated skin, the most common side effect of time spent in the pool.

Swimming Pool Chemicals: Healthy or Hazardous?

Anything that’s not entirely natural may come with certain side effects. Swimming pool chemicals, primarily chlorine and bromine, are very useful. Stagnant water quickly becomes a hotbed for bacteria and algae.

However, as they’re stripping the water of harmful contaminants, they’re also stripping hair, skin, and nails of nourishing nutrients. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of chlorine before determining how to battle its detriments.



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