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Taiwan Reeling After Strongest Earthquake in 25 Years

2 months ago
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A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan's east coast on Wednesday morning, leaving a trail of destruction and triggering rescue efforts to free people trapped in collapsed buildings and tunnels.

Devastating Impact

The quake, the strongest to hit Taiwan since 1999, caused widespread damage, particularly in Hualien County, located on the island's sparsely populated east coast.

Sadly, the death toll has risen to nine, with three hikers killed by falling rocks in Taroko Gorge, a popular tourist destination. A truck driver also perished after rocks struck his vehicle on the Suhua Highway.

Over 900 people sustained injuries, with the severity yet to be determined. Rescue teams are racing against time to free 137 people trapped in various locations, including highway tunnels and hiking trails in Taroko Gorge. Two German citizens were successfully rescued earlier.

Reports indicate collapsed buildings, power outages affecting over 91,000 households, and major road closures due to landslides and rockfalls. The scenic but treacherous Suhua Highway has sustained significant damage, with large boulders blocking the path.



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